Poetry Friday: Summer is Coming

Blogging is a new adventure for me. With the help & encouragement of my friend Margaret Simon I am connecting with other bloggers through blog link-ups. She is also introducing me to poetry, mentoring me as I attempt to better understand the art of poetry and dip my toes into the world of writing poetry.

I find myself looking through the world with different eyes lately. I think more deeply about my surroundings, stretching myself to see beyond what is in front of me. I have been hiking for the last several weeks at a nearby state park, and as the weather is warming up, at long last we are preparing for the summer months that are just around the corner.

These journeys outside are the inspiration for my first Poetry Friday poem:

Ode To Summer (2)

Thank you to Buffy @ Buffy’s Blog for hosting today’s Poetry Friday link-up. If you would like to join us, click here.



28 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Summer is Coming

  1. maryleehahn says:

    Welcome to Poetry Friday and to blogging! You couldn’t have a better mentor than Margaret!

    I love all the specific imagery in your poem. You have captured the season!


  2. Hooray! I love seeing the PF community grow and thrive. I’ve gained so much from the kindess and really great poetry here. Look out, you will be so full of poetry ideas!
    I really like, “confirm for me”. That phrase makes me wonder what other poems out there address confirmations. So glad you have a love of lilacs. They are so beautiful and where I grew up in Western NY lilacs meant prom season. The poem with the photo is perfect!


  3. lindabaie says:

    Welcome to PF, Dani. Margaret will be a wonderful poetry pal! I love the repetition in your poem, and this line makes me smile a lot: “Sunlight begs for just a few minutes more.” – a different way to look, and I love it.


    • Hello Linda,
      Thank you for your comment. Living so far north as I do, we have very long days, which I love. That thought just dropped in my mind as I was finishing a hike the other night, and seemed like a great line for a poem. I saw such a connection with children who also are begging for more time outside at night!


  4. Welcome to Poetry Friday–and yay for looking at the world with different eyes! I think that’s one of the wonders of writing poetry. Thanks for sharing your lilacs. I enjoyed all the details and the repetition of the “summer is coming” refrain.


  5. Dani, I finally made it to your post. I wrote a short comment to you and Margaret at her post. Welcome to the PF Community. You will enjoy the writers here. I remember when I first joined. Your poem has a great line that you repeat making the reader become excited about the prospect of summer. Perhaps, you would like to join me at my spring gallery with your image poem. The invitation is at http://beyondliteracylink.blogspot.com/2017/04/invitation-to-springsations.html.


    • Thank you Carol! I am excited to be joining this group. Margaret has been such a wonderful mentor and friend. I feel like I am getting ot know you better too – love seeing you each week I am able to join the Good To Great chat. I will look at your spring gallery!


  6. Hi Dani, I’m here after reading Margaret’s post. Welcome to the wonderful world of poetry and Poetry Friday. You can’t go wrong with Margaret as your guide! Or follow the scent of the lilacs—they’ll take you there too. 🙂


  7. Summer is coming! Just last night I listened to my next door neighbor’s kids play. Your poem brought that moment and more back to me. Such a joyful noise! So glad you found PF. It is a lovely place I try to visit…Hopefully with more frequency now that Summer is coming!


    • Thanks, JulieAnne! The thoughts that brought this poem to life come in part from my summer memories as a child. Living so far north as I do, I have always been used to late evenings in the summer. Looking forward to trying more poetry ahead!

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    • Thanks so much, Kay! I love embarking on summer. Where I live, the winters can be dreadfully long, and sometimes spring is very late in arriving. Our summers are short as well, so these early celebrations of its impending arrival are joyous!


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