Poetry Friday: This Is Just To Say

I am enjoying my final day at the Montana National Writing Project. It has been an incredible 2 weeks of learning on the campus of the University of Montana with a diverse group of K-16 educators.

Earlier this week we were introduced to a unique style of poetry known as This Is Just To Say. You can read the original here and/or discover a wonderful book full of them here. As a fledgling poet, I was immediately drawn to the unique approach to this style of poetry, and was excited for the opportunity to try one in our workshop.

I hope you enjoy my piece, and if you have not ever written one yourself, I encourage you to have a go with one – and share it with me!

This Is Just To Say

Thank you to Heidi @ My Juicy Little Universe for hosting Poetry Friday today. Please share your poetry with everyone by clicking the image below.



23 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: This Is Just To Say

  1. That is a terrific photograph! So much personality in it — no wonder you wanted to share. The funny aspect of “This is Just to Say” poems is generally that they are saying “Sorry…Not sorry.” The plums were so sweet, you know?

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    • Thank you, Tabitha. Yes, these poems are definitely a sorry/not sorry message – so much fun! Thanks for your comment on the photo – I can remember that day and the moment I took it like it was yesterday. She’s now 17 years-old!!


  2. ‘This is just to say…’ poems pop in to Poetry Friday every now and then, and are always a delight. Almost like an old new friend (or a new old friend?) come to visit. This is delightful, and my mum-heart shares your feelings. Hoping the rockstar appreciates her moment of rekindled glory. 😉

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  3. laurashovan222 says:

    Oh, this is sweet. I’m guilty of posting adorable (I thought) photos of my kids too. Now that my sword-wielding ballerina is in her teens, I have to ask permission before sharing pictures.

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    • My picture posts have lessened a lot now that my girls are in high school – but this one, I think she will appreciate the message that accompanies it now. They grow up so fast, don’t they?


  4. Margaret officially sent you on flight, Dani. Here’s to a wonderful journey as a poet! Your experience at the Montana National Writing Project must have been a wonderful one. I read some of the work from the group while at NCTE. Your daughter was adorable at 4 and must be a rockstar at 17. I am glad that you captured the photo into an image poem.

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  5. maryleehahn says:

    Such a fun form to use as a mentor text, and you got that “sorry/not sorry” feeling just right. When is a mom EVER sorry about her love for every single moment in her daughter’s journey to adulthood?

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  6. My parents always loved to embarrass me too, with pictures and stories. When I was younger it drove me nuts, but now I know it’s just because they loved me so much they just had to share me with the world! Now you have a wonderful poem to capture those wonderfully silly childhood days forever. 🙂

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  7. Hi, Dani–I don’t think we’ve met before! And please accept my apology–as Poetry Friday Host, I should have come round to comment on your post much before the next Friday, but we left early Saturday for a rural spot in France with iffy Internet (and I’ve been busy trying to establish my summer writing habit even on vacation.)

    I do love the idea of an apology poem, and as Ruth says above, I am currently aswim in the emotions that yours expresses. I like the way your written details add specificity to the general sense of that little girl in the photo–that it’s particularly a rock star headband and that baby is called La-La. Is Grace still a singer?

    Nice to meet you!


    • Hello Heidi,
      Thank you for your comment – and no apology necessary that it wasn’t sent right away. Hope you are enjoying your trip to France! I appreciate your feedback on my poem. I am truly a fledgling poet, under the amazing mentorship of my friend, Margaret Simon. I believe you might know her as well? She and I met via Twitter and now chat on Voxer regularly. She has and continues to be a wonderful cheerleader to me as I venture into writing more poetry. As for my daughter Grace, yes, she loves to sing. Not as a solo performer, but in choir at school. Next year (her senior year) she is taking THREE choir classes, she loves it so much! Looking forward to more opportunity to connect with you and share poetry!


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