At the start of the new year I have enjoyed reading the many blog posts featuring The Best Of 2017 book lists. My go-to bloggers with the very best lists include Nerdy Book Club, Dylan Teut, and two of my favorite podcasters; from All The Wonders, Matthew C Winner, and from Books Between, Corrina Allen. If you are looking for excellent lists of the best books from 2017, you will find them on any and all of these posts, guaranteed.

I have been encouraged to see many of the titles on these lists are books I discovered and read this past year. I was also excited to find even more titles I somehow missed along the way. When I recently stumbled upon a tweet from Jill Merkle sharing her blogpost about joining Carrie Gelson’s #MustReadIn2018 challenge, I was instantly motivated to put together my own TBR list for 2018.

As a kindergarten teacher, I read a lot of picture books, but it also important to me stay immersed in middle grade books. I strive to diversify across the genres, so my lists span a variety of books that included both fiction and nonfiction. When I drafted my first list, I had over 30 titles! Of course I will keep all of these titles on my radar, but for my #MustReadIn2018 list, I whittled it down to 9 picture books and 6 chapter books.

What I appreciate about Carrie’s challenge is the opportunity for participants to post 3 updates during 2018 to share progress on their reading. I look forward to reading others’ posts and continually be kept abreast of the must-reads in the year ahead, as well as share what I have read and recommend to others.

Do you have a #MustReadIn2018 list? There are no hard and fast rules to join the movement; just a passion for reading and a love of sharing what you are reading! Simply go to Carrie’s website, https://thereisabookforthat.com

16 thoughts on “#MustReadIn2018

  1. margaretsmn says:

    I’m so happy you did this post. I’m terrible at keeping up with my must read list. You’ve kept yours at a very reasonable list. I loved The Hate you Give. I met Angie Thomas at an SCBWI conference. The book is a definite must read. Out of Wonder is a wonderful collection of poems about poets. I look forward to sharing more about books in 2018.


    • I can’t wait to share poems from Out of Wonder with my Ss. Every day they are enjoying Amy’s Read! Read! Read! even more than the day before! Today they asked for me to be sure and re-read today’s poem again tomorrow!

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  2. Welcome to the #mustreadin2018 fun! I’m so glad you’re participating and look forward to reading your updates. Love the books on your list. I just read Rot and can’t wait to share it with my students. Happy reading!


  3. Thanks for sharing your list and for whetting my appetite for this challenge. I am again setting a number-of-books- read challenge through Goodreads. I like the idea of making a list, though my list is often generative and grows day by day. Nevertheless, I think it could be a great excersise plus I like the sharing 3X during the year.


  4. I have been looking forward to reading many of the books on your list, especially Breakout, which I first heard about two years ago, and have tried to find out more about ever since. You will have a great reading year with this list, enjoy!

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    • Thank you for your feedback, Aaron. It feels good to have made the commitment to read these titles. I am excited to venture into a few titles I might otherwise have not tried. I’ve heard a lot about The Hate U Give, but as a kinder teacher, it’s not something I would use in my classroom obviously. It will be good to have a window into a good YA book as well.


  5. I wish I had put Kate Messner’s Breakout on my list. I’ll have to read it anyway. 🙂 City Dog, Country Frog is my all-time favorite picture book. Hate U Give is excellent! Happy Reading!


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