Spiritual Journey First Thursday: #OneWord2018


Another trip around the sun has brought many of us to a place of reflection on the past year, with an opportunity to consider the possibilities of what lies ahead on our next 365 day journey. While I have had some successful New Year’s resolutions in the past, I willingly admit there have been many more that didn’t make it into February.

This is my first year to choose One Little Word. I have considered choosing one since first hearing about this movement in 2016, but never quite found myself motivated to actually commit until now. I have been mulling the idea around in my head for a few weeks, trying hard to encapsulate all that I want to improve about myself and narrow it down into a single word.

Then I came across the following quote, and found my word.


Intentional: Planned or intended. Something that is intentional is done deliberately. It is something done by choice.

When it comes to considering the vision I have for bettering myself in 2018, being truly intentional in everything I do is a challenging aspiration. I know the weaknesses in my character, and the habits that creep into my day-to-day life that often don’t align with this word.

But that is the challenge in committing to One Little Word, isn’t it?

Change means looking honestly and deeply at what isn’t working. As a professional plate-spinner, I habitually gather too many superfluous materials, schedule too many commitments, and take on too many projects. In so doing, what I find is that in the flurry of my spinning plates, much of what I am trying to accomplish is done simply with the goal of completion. Focus is blurred. Joy is lost. Recipients of my attention are robbed of a meaningful exchange.

My hope with this One Little Word is for fewer plates. Being intentional is going to mean that I trim the margin in many areas of my life in order to leave room for deliberate choices that can receive all of my focus. Out of this I hope to experience deeper growth in my professional life, more meaningful relationships, and a renewed appreciation for intentionally choosing the things that matter most.


Thank you to my friend, Margaret Simon, for hosting this week’s link-up, and for gently nudging me to join in.

18 thoughts on “Spiritual Journey First Thursday: #OneWord2018

  1. margaretsmn says:

    I love this post for so many reasons. I’m happy that part of your intention is writing this blog. You will gain so much from keeping this habit. I love how you described yourself as a plate spinner. It’s so true how we all spin plates without intention or focus and ultimately, with no joy. I am inspired by your post to be more intentional as I Explore 2018.


  2. Welcome, Dani, welcome! As a former plate spinner, I can relate so well to this post… something that has helped me in deciding when to commit, is to ask myself 2 questions: does it move me toward my ultimate goal (which is something you have to come up with first!)? do I WANT to do it? Amazing how that eliminates some of the plates! Also, I have been allowing a One Little Word to work in my life for a dozen years now… like anything, you get out of it what you put in. INTENTIONAL is a great word with which to start this practice! So glad you joined us!


    • Thank you for your thoughts, Irene. I appreciate your reminder of setting a larger goal(s) from which to base decisions and direction I may or may not want to choose in my quest to be more intentional this year. Much to consider!


  3. Karen Eastlund says:

    Dear Dani: I feel quite akin to you in the plate spinning arena and the need to trim activities. Thank you for stating this so well. Here’s to both of us finding ways to eliminate a few plates.


  4. I chuckled at your phrase “a professional plate-spinner.” But I love your intentional commitment to choose the things that matter most. I’m also in love with the David Duchemin quote (I saved it to my photos) because lodged in between the idea of guarding time fiercely and being intentional about it, is the delightful word generous! I love how these two actions can lead us to being generous with our time! Welcome to SJFT!

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  5. I’m the queen of plate spinning and was fair hand at it, but age makes you drop so many … some that was important to you… good for you to learn that plates you are passionate about needs the spin first


  6. Dani, I am so glad that you decided to join our SJ1stT community. Being intentional about your practice will help you slow down the plate spinning. As I say this, I know it is intended for both of us. Let’s work on that. Hope is going to lead my way. On Monday night at 8 pm EST, I am moderating #NYEDChat that will be about Edublogging: Power of One Word to Guide OUr Journey. I wouldl ove for you to join us with your one word and your blog post.

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    • Oh dear, Carol! I just realized I completely forgot about your chat on Monday! I had every intention to join you. Hope you had a good turnout. Looking forward to blogging more in 2018, which means our paths will certainly cross again!!


  7. It’s lovely to meet you, Dani! What a good choice of word. It feels close to mine (focus). Your description of yourself as a plate spinner made me smile, perhaps because I recognize a bit of the plate spinner in myself as well as the need for margin.


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