#SOLC18 21/31: Parent Chaperoning & an Abecedarian

This afternoon I boarded a bus full of high school juniors and seniors as a parent chaperone for the Concert Choir spring tour. My two daughters are members of the choir, and we have planned this shared experience all year. I still love to remind myself that they actually wanted me to come!

Admittedly, I considered the invitation with a little trepidation. Memories of former parent chaperone experiences flooded my mind.

There was the 1st grade snowshoeing field trip where the bus ride alone nearly sent me over the edge. Then there were the 20, no make that 40 feet that needed to be fastened into snowshoes. Lost gloves, weary legs, and cold hands rounded out that epic adventure.

A few years later came the 2-day 4th grade Montana history trip with a slightly less chaotic bus ride, but plenty of rambunctious and general middle elementary spirited liveliness. Two hours in the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center was about 90 minutes too long that day as I recall.

Finally, there was the 8th grade field trip to Big Mountain for a day of zip lining, and my epic American Ninja Warrior debut on the Arial Adventure. This obstacle course way WAY up in the treetops had me traversing from tree to tree crossing cable bridges, climbing rope ladders, even swinging on a trapeze. I was quickly humbled, discovered I was not in my happy place, and told my husband HE would do this trip the following year with our youngest daughter.

Fast forward 4 years, (note the emphasis on the word fast) and the girls are in their last 2 years of high school. Mom, you’re coming on choir tour, aren’t you?

Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

At the restaurant we descended upon for dinner the kids sing “The Parting Glass” before leaving.

Anticipating a memorable trip

Banff, Alberta bound

Calgary Symphony and

Date Night on Friday

Early mornings following late nights

Feeding many mouths

Great group of kids to travel with

Harmonious songs to share

Invited by my daughters to come along!

Joyful melodies surround me

Keep track of your stuff; I’m not your mom!

Lights out by 11PM

Memories in the making

Napping on the bus

Overjoyed to spend this time with my girls

Passports required

Quiet time 10PM-7AM

Passports required

Radium Hot Springs soaks…ahh!

Singing on the bus – not allowed?

Tape them into their hotel rooms at lights out

Unexpected surprises along the way

Visiting another country

Watching my girls with pride..love their hearts for others

eXtra time to read and write

You can learn a lot from teenagers

Zoo visit on Friday!

6 thoughts on “#SOLC18 21/31: Parent Chaperoning & an Abecedarian

  1. margaretsmn says:

    You should give a copy of your poem to the choir director and your girls. It’s a great form to capture this once in a lifetime trip. I am secretly envious. This time is well over for me. I miss it. Have a great trip!

    Liked by 1 person

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