#SOLC18 1/31: “Where words fail, music speaks”

On your mark, get set, … GO! Today marks the start day of my first Slice of Life March Challenge with Two Writing Teachers. I once attended an Ironman event a friend was competing in. Right now I feel like I am at the start, waiting on the beach, surrounded by more fellow “slicers” than I can see, and we are about to take the mighty plunge into the waters of writing


in March. Daunting, yet exciting. Am I confident in the task? Not at all. But I know I am surrounded by a group of supportive friends to encourage me all the way. A special shout out to my friend Margaret Simon, who is my greatest writing cheerleader, and my newly found writing tribe at TeachWrite. Let’s do this!

Today happens to also be Spiritual Thursday, which is a group of bloggers who gather once a month and blog around a common theme. Today we are hosted by Karen via Irene Latham @ Live Your Poem,  and our theme is music. Thank you for hosting, Karen.

I cannot think of a better topic to begin my month of slicing. Music has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. In childhood, a friend and I would belt out Donny & Marie’s “I’m a Little Bit Country, I’m a Little Bit Rock and Roll” with gusto in her front yard (I was always Marie). I later remember being thrilled to get the solo for Maria in our 6th grade performance of “Doe a Deer,” and continued singing all through school in addition to taking both voice and piano lessons.

Music filled me, and in many ways, met me at some of my most challenging moments in life. To this very day, if I hear a song that was particularly impactful to me in good or bad days, I can close my eyes and see, smell, and almost touch the experience itself. Through teenage heartbreak, the birth of a child, the end of a marriage, launching a daughter from the nest, saying goodbye to a mother….through these experiences and many more, happy or sad, music carried me, spoke to me, and sustained me.

When I am in church, I find music is deeply moving. Gathering corporately with others in a worship service is a powerful place to be. For me, there is no greater expression of love for God than through song. It is a mutual exchange of love and devotion that for me, cannot be replicated in any other situation.

A favorite worship song I am currently listening to right is called “So Will I” by Hillsong United. The poetic lyrics are simply beautiful, and almost require a meditative approach to fully appreciate their message. I have chosen one line that I find especially beautiful, and share this golden shovel poem with you. If you are not familiar with a golden shovel poem, it is where the writer takes one line from a poem, and places one word from that line at the end of each line in the new poem.


19 thoughts on “#SOLC18 1/31: “Where words fail, music speaks”

  1. Yessss! Music is life and life is dull without music. I often wonder what it would be like to be born deaf. Never experiencing the beauty of sound is definitely a perspective needed when we face days full of noise from children :). Thanks for your post. I am as well a first time slicer! I am excited!

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  2. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    Welcome Dani! You and Margaret with your golden shovels. (I told her I made a personal challenge to find a line in one of her poems and write a golden shovel.) I love your poem and the image you paired it with is exquisite! I can’t wait to see what else you create this month!

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    • Oh thank you, Leigh Anne! The poem was really fun to play with. I’m sure I could have revised, but slicing is not about the perfect product. Must keep reminding myself this over the next 30 days 🙂


  3. Alice Nine says:

    I’m so glad you are joining in the challenge, Dani. Your shovel poem is beautiful. Your words resonate with me: “through these experiences and many more, happy or sad, music carried me, spoke to me, and sustained me.” Here’s to 30 more March slices!

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  4. carwilc says:

    Welcome to Slice of Life! I love the connection between the Ironman and slicing! There are definitely a lot of similarities. I recently went back to church after several years away. I realized, when I went back, that music was what I missed most of all. And I love your golden shovel poem. I may have to try one of those some day!

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  5. I’m posting my SJFT on Friday as my 2nd slice of life. It’s been such a pleasure to read everyone’s thoughts on music. These words from your post resonated with me: “…through these experiences and many more, happy or sad, music carried me, spoke to me, and sustained me.” A wonderful wrap up of the power of music. And your golden shovel poem is exquisite. Some day I’ll tackle one.

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  6. Your 1st March slice of Life Story Challenge started with a bang, Dani. You combined your first slice with Spiritual Journey 1st Thursday and topped it off with a Golden Shovel. Great! Now, we start another month of writing and chatting.

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