#SOLC18 8/31: Try New Things

Trying something new is always more fun and adventurous when you’re away from home. While we are here in Portland staying with our friends, we ventured into trying sushi for the first time. I’ve seen the sushi bars in our local grocery stores, but have never felt courageous enough to try it.

As I have now discovered, sushi is more than simply something you eat. It is truly an interactive meal experience. Each of us took an active role in assembling our own sushi rolls. Shiny side of the seaweed sheet down. Don’t layer the rice on too thick. Roll slowly as you squeeze your roll into a square-like shape. Surprisingly, the process was easier than I thought.

I was pleasantly surprised that I really liked it. Admittedly though, the seaweed sheets are an acquired taste. We had a raw tuna side dish with seaweed salad that I was certain would be tough to swallow, but was actually very tasty. It doesn’t hurt that these both came from an authentic Japanese market, where fresh seafood is flown in daily.

We ended our meal diving into a bag of fortune cookies (Chinese tradition I realize, but our friends have 2 young boys who were both very excited for this part of dinner). We read, reflected, and laughed at all of the Chinese wisdom being dispensed from our cookies, all agreeing that our favorite fortune read:

Great truth I think we can all live by.

6 thoughts on “#SOLC18 8/31: Try New Things

  1. It’s funny, I don’t really care for sushi (the raw fish part), but I do love the seaweed part. We use it all the time to make our musubis and it’s so yummy! I love how being away from home has encouraged you to be adventurous! It’s funny how traveling elsewhere can do that sometimes. Any other new things you’ll do while you’re in Portland?

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  2. margaretsmn says:

    I remember the first time I tried sushi I was amazed at how good I felt afterward, energetic yet calm. Sushi is easy to digest and it’s a good source of protein. I’ve never actually made it myself, though. That looks like fun. I’m so glad you are having a fun and relaxing time in Portland.

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