#SOLC18 9/31: Huckleberry Love

Today’s #PoetryFriday is hosted by Michelle @ Today’s Little Ditty

For today’s Slice of Life I am dual posting. Each Friday, a fun group of bloggers gather for Poetry Friday. Today we are hosted by Michelle at her blog, Today’s Little Ditty. This community of poets is a welcoming group who offer support and encouragement to everyone regardless of their level of poetic expertise. As a fledgling poet, I say this from first-hand experience. Still a novice writer of poetry, sharing in this weekly blog gathering has given flight to my poetic wings.

My poem today is inspired by the accompanying photograph titled “Huckleberry Heart” by Montana photographer John Ashley. My husband and I are avid huckleberry hunters, and this photograph has hung in our home for many years. It perfectly depicts the heart of a passionate huckleberry picker after a long day of harvesting this elusive wild berry.

15 thoughts on “#SOLC18 9/31: Huckleberry Love

  1. Alice Nine says:

    This is wonderful! You capture huckleberry picking at its best! I love everything about huckleberries–picking, eating, baking. I have a story of huckleberry picking on a mountain in Idaho when we lived there (maybe I should write a slice about it). Interesting trivia: In 2010 the huckleberry was named the state fruit of Idaho.

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  2. I also never had a huckleberry, Dani. I was planning on writing to your prompt but didn’t have time. Maybe something will pop into my head. In the meantime, a blackberry will pop into my mouth. The photo is beautiful and I liked how you ended your poem.

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  3. Oooh. Your poem is delicious! I thought the barren bucket was beaut – but then you had three bursting in your mouth, and that was sublime. 🙂 (I didn’t know there was even such a thing as huckleberries, so that was an added treat.)

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