#SOLC18 12/31: I Want To Be F-A-T

I recently came across an article about the Reverend Billy Graham’s funeral. Specifically, it shared what each of his children shared about their father at his funeral.

His son, Nelson Graham simply stated this: “My father was F-A-T. He was Faithful, Available, & Teachable. May we all be that way.”

For a man so well-known and deeply respected truly throughout the world, I was struck by the simplicity, yet the profound immensity of what these words said about Billy Graham as a father. Moreover, I was challenged to consider my own role as a parent to the four beautiful daughters my husband and I have.

In the most hectic of moments, the most challenging of circumstances, and the most heart-breaking experiences life brings to me, I want to exude faithfulness, availability, and teachability to my children. I want them to know they can count on me no matter the situation. I will listen to them. learn from them, and love them unconditionally through everything that comes their way.

9 thoughts on “#SOLC18 12/31: I Want To Be F-A-T

    • Oh Margaret, you are very kind. Honestly though, this is an area where I am greatly convicted. I have always felt I struggled with being present enough for them. As for the teachable part, I do feel like I have come a long way!

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  1. Like Margaret, I was shocked by your teaser, I want to be F-A-T. And then I remembered hearing this acronym from Billy Graham’s funeral. Your final paragraph is such a commitment to your four beautiful daughters. Lucky girls!

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  2. Alice Nine says:

    I, too, saw that and was moved by F.A.T. Dani, this is a beautiful commitment to your daughters. Though the acronym makes us smile and the words seem simple, we know that living by it is not. May you always overflow with grace to do so. BTW, your daughters are beautiful.

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  3. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    What a lovely acronym to live by. Your daughters are not only beautiful, they are lucky to have you as their faithful, available, and teachable mother.

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  4. carwilc says:

    I heard this acronym on the radio the other day and was really struck by the simplicity. And then you have applied it to your relationship with your girls. Those are some lucky girls to have such a loving mama!

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