#SOLC18 15/31:The Red & White Box Arrived!

Every month, each and every K-2 student in my school gets to choose $7 in books from Scholastic Book Clubs. Thanks to an organization called Book Trust, these books are paid for from a local corporate sponsor. $7 per student , every month, across 8 classrooms. This totals over $1,200.00 each month! There is never a month when I am not incredibly grateful and utterly amazed at the generosity of our sponsor.

Each month when that red and white box arrives in our room, there is a buzz that breaks out immediately.

“The book order is here!” “When can we look at our books?!”

The excitement is palpable. It’s like Christmas morning every month. The joy and excitement from each of my students never gets old. They immediately begin to gather with friends, eagerly showing each other their books, giddy with excitement over their collection of treasured new books.

Today was book celebration day. Enjoy this peek into our reading party!

Thank you Scholastic, thank you Book Trust, and thank you Teletec Corporation. The investment you are making in the lives of these young readers will reap dividends beyond these special moments. You are building readers, and the impact runs deep in their hearts and far into their futures.

17 thoughts on “#SOLC18 15/31:The Red & White Box Arrived!

  1. I love this so much! What an amazing gift to have this grant to bring new books into the classroom, chosen by the students themselves. Of course they are going to be excited to read! I found this to be true of even my most reluctant high school readers as well–when I would buy a book for them that they requested, they wanted to read!

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    • And there are very clear expectations on the part of teachers; students MUST be the ones to choose their books, and while they can stay at school for a time, they must go home in order for students to build their own at-home libraries.


  2. margaretsmn says:

    Love, love, love…Book love! And look at how the children cuddle up to each other to share. You and your kids are so blessed by this sponsorship.

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  3. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    Oh, wow! This is awesome! I can’t believe they get to order books every month!!! These kiddos are so lucky. I love the photos of the kids admiring their new books, especially the two boys enjoying their book together!

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  4. carwilc says:

    We have Book Trust too. For years, it was only for kids in grades K-3. Last year, I had a new principal and he managed to find money for everyone, K-8, to have it. My seventh grade readers always tell me they don’t like to read, but they start asking me when the order is coming the day after they turn in their orders! Like you, I am really grateful for this organization.

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