#SOLC18 18/31: A Final Farewell

Over the past week our daughter has been working tirelessly on preparations for Senior Prom. It is the responsibility of the junior class to handle all preparations for the dance. Since my daughter is a junior as well as a member of student council, she got to be part of all aspects of the planning and decorating for the dance.

One of the earliest decisions was choosing the location of the dance. Many options were considered, but after much deliberation over venue possibilities, it was decided to have the dance in an auxiliary gym on campus.

Not a terribly exciting or glamorous choice for a formal dance many initially said, especially since this building has been standing for a better part of 80 years. What is unique about this choice though, is that the gym is slated for demolition on Monday as part of several renovations taking place at the school over the next year.

With the impending doom of this timeworn building, the students realized how unique it would be to hold one final event in the gym before it came down. For me personally, this is especially nostalgic, because this is my high school that I attended in the 80s, and this gym was where I had PE every day my sophomore year. I am sad to see it coming down, but what better way to say goodbye than to see my daughter and her classmates close it down so memorably!

17 thoughts on “#SOLC18 18/31: A Final Farewell

  1. OK, early for prom. . . your daughter is gorgeous!

    I’ve been on several sides on this issue in the past. If the school only has one gym and it’s used for prom, it has meant no PE for a week and then if the weather is horrendous, the indoor recess plan is also shot.

    Tradition . . . on your side meant one last Hurrah. Tradition in a gym has often meant hundreds of dollars more in decorations to transform the gym into something non-gym like. So hard because someone is always unhappy.


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