#SOLC18 23/31: Hello Spring! (at long last)

Today’s #PoetryFriday is hosted by Laura at Writing the World for Kids

Always the first sign of spring where I live is the appearance of tiny buds that will eventually be blossoming bleeding hearts in our garden beds. Some years they have started springing up in late February, but the past couple of winters have held on tight until nearly the last week of March.

For Poetry Friday and the Slice of Life Challenge, I enjoyed writing a poem to celebrate the warmer days ahead filled with chalk drawing on the sidewalks, blooming daffodils, and a fond farewell to snow pants, snow boots, and all the bulky winter gear!

11 thoughts on “#SOLC18 23/31: Hello Spring! (at long last)

  1. lindabaie says:

    “sunshine bathing” brings so much within those two words, ah, the blessing of a sunny day! Thanks, Dani, it’s lovely with the picture, too.


  2. I’m trying to remember that spring will come. Outside my window, all is still white. I imagine any intrepid bleeding hearts here are shivering under a snowy blanket. The tender stalks in your photo are a hopeful sign, though. I love the thought of sunshine bathing them in warmth.

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