#SOLC18 27/31: Some Assembly Required

While in Portland earlier this month, we made the trek to IKEA. While I didn’t have a list of things I needed, I knew I would walk out with at least a few items that would be handy, decorative, or just plain fun.

My friend showed me a 3-tiered rolling cart that she already had two of in her house, and today they were marked down to a mere $25.00. I bit. Why not? I was certain I would find just the right place for this great organizational tool.

Today was unpack & assemble day.

It’s you and me, rolling cart…I can do this. I will not be intimidated.

Slowly, I unpacked all 21 metal pieces and small bag of nuts, bolts and screws. I found the Phillips screwdriver I would need, and I set in to conquer the project.

Step 1: (These are my words, as IKEA directions are strictly pictorial) Take the 4 long pole things, and slide smaller opening end of one tube into slightly larger opening end of another tube. Repeat.

Taking said tube in one hand, I proceed to slide the smaller opening into the other tube.

Like butter.

Taking the other two tubes in hand, I follow the same procedure.

Not butter. Not even close. Small opening definitely not fitting into slightly bigger opening. Not even close.

Just my luck.

Fingers crossed my husband has the remedy we need.

To be continued…

16 thoughts on “#SOLC18 27/31: Some Assembly Required

  1. margaretsmn says:

    I admire your resolve in putting this thing together. I am really terrible at this sort of thing. I’d need the husband rescue for sure.


    • I’m not a big fan of assembling things, but I really thought I could do this! R always seems to have a fix for problems like these, so fingers crossed he finds one. I’m ready to use my cart!!


  2. We were just in IKEA in MA this weekend! Honestly, it’s a love/hate relationship! Going through the store can be so overwhelming, but the cute finds usually make it worth the trip. I love how you created your own word directions to aid the picture representations. You may want to offer your services to corporate! My daughter picked a pink swivel desk chair – she assembled 3/4 of it alone – the wheeled feet have been tucked away awaiting my husband’s return from DC! It’s funny that sometimes another person is needed to finish the job! “It’s you and me, rolling cart…I can do this. I will not be intimidated.” reminded me of my own experiences with IKEA furniture as a recent college grad 25 years ago! Best wishes!

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    • Thanks for your comments! Happy to say my husband came through and managed to get the connection made. From there we successfully completed the assembly! Hope you get your wheels on soon 😊


  3. carwilc says:

    AARGH! I hate assembling things. And since I don’t have a husband, it’s me against the world, so I pretty much have a rule, that if the finished product is a different shape than the box, I don’t buy it. I do have one son, though, who is pretty good at this stuff, now that he is getting older. Good luck!

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  4. Alice Nine says:

    Glad your husband got it together… I hate having to return stuff. I really thought you were going to tell us that in those 21 pieces something important was missing. Enjoy your cart!

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