#SOLC18 31/31: It’s a Wrap!

I honestly cannot believe I am posting my 31st blog post in the Slice of Life Challenge. When I started out, I questioned if I would be able to maintain the stamina to write every day for a month. Besides stamina, I had even greater concerns for what I would write about over the 31 days.

Happily I can say that both concerns, and many others I initially had, never caused a single roadblock in the journey. I had a few days when I experienced some writer’s block, but I managed to find a topic or unique post idea from others in the slicing community to keep me going.

I contemplated a few different ideas for this final post, but none really seemed to take flight. Before long, I realized the day completely got away from me, and after a late dinner with my husband, I realized I almost completely forgot to write my post!

Today was catch-up day in my classroom, since we have been on spring break this past week. It felt good to be back in my room, setting up the new April calendar, along with a few other beginning-of-the-month routines. I’m looking forward to the warmer days (goodbye, snowpants & boots!) and our month of poetry ahead. Fingers crossed for this new adventure with my kinders!

The rest of my afternoon was errand running. As I was entering Target, a little face caught my eye. It was a young girl, probably close to 18 months-old. She caught my eye because she reminded my so much of my 24 year-old daughter (whose birthday happens to be today). There was such a stark similarity I had to stop and take a second, and even third look. I was so struck  by it that the memory of that moment stayed with me for the remainder of the day. I have pictures of my daughter as a little girl, but there is something altogether different, and much more impactful, about an experience like this. For me, it was almost like being back in time, even if for just a moment. Part of me wanted to approach her and say hello, but I think that would have broken the spell. Just seeing her and having that memory for myself was enough.



5 thoughts on “#SOLC18 31/31: It’s a Wrap!

  1. margaretsmn says:

    Sometimes I think God plays a role in who comes along in our path, like the little girl in Target. You were reminded of how quickly time flies and how precious each moment is. I love how the Slice of Life Challenge helps us capture those fleeting moments. Congratulations! A new slicer is born!

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