The Benefits of Being Prepared

As I was thinking about sitting down to write my slice for this week, I took a few minutes first to begin laying out my clothes for the morning. My eye caught my one-sentence journal next to the bed, so I pulled it out to see the quote for the day.

“Follow the ‘evening-tidy-up-rule’: take ten minutes before bed to do simple tidying. This calming nightly habit helps prepare you for sleep and makes mornings more serene and pleasant.”

Who knew?

I have always had a strict habit of having things ready for the next morning. I can’t handle making clothing decisions in the rush of my morning. It is so wonderful to just reach for the hangers that are all ready and waiting for me in the darkness of my bedroom in the morning as I make my way downstairs to the shower.

This “evening-tidy-up-rule” was a new one to me though. It makes a lot of sense, especially for me, a person who feels the calm when my surroundings are straightened out, piles are organized, unnecessary items are tossed, and chaos is subdued. I never considered how this might look or feel if I did it before bedtime, and that it might better prepare me for sleep.

This reminds me a little of how I try to leave my classroom each day before I go home. There are endless tidy-up routines I could spend far too long on, but the top priorities include leaving my small group table clear and ready for the morning, putting out student book boxes, and, on the best of days, the morning message is written and ready to go.

A few minutes, whether before bed, or before I leave my classroom are worth the calmer morning I gain. Do you have routines you live by at home and/or your classroom?


7 thoughts on “The Benefits of Being Prepared

  1. margaretsmn says:

    I wish I were better about this evening tidy up rule. I usually leave a lot of decisions for morning because my brain function is limited after about 8 PM. I’m a morning person.


    • I think I have strengths for both nighttime and morning, but I have my limits for how long I can stay up at night and how early I can get up in the morning. A split personality when it comes to being a morning or night person, I guess!


  2. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    I try to live by this rule too, but at night … I’m too tired! So, it’s my goal before I walk out the door for school! I always do the dishes so the kitchen is clean and ready for dinner prep and then pick up a little. Doesn’t matter much because when my two munchkins come home, everything is spread out again! 🙂 It’s how we live.


    • That’s so interesting, because I’m super sloppy about how I leave my kitchen in the morning! I’m impressed with your ability to leave yours clean and ready for evening when you’ve got little ones. My girls are all grown, so I have no excuse!


  3. Alice Nine says:

    Good rules to follow… I could write several slices about waking up (3:30 AM) to catch an early flight and the power being off and not being prepared. Maybe I will :). I really function well when I select my clothes… even jewelry and tidy the kitchen before going to bed. I rise early but I’m not a put-both-feet-on-the-floor-running type of person. So I don’t need “big” decisions or problems or chores first thing in the morning. I don’t eat a hot breakfast… so I don’t “mess” up the kitchen in the morning.

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  4. cmargocs says:

    I smiled at the opening about clothes. My husband worked night shift for almost two decades, so I got in the habit of planning my work outfits weeks ahead, ironing on Sundays (if I had to!), and laying out my clothes the night before, since I dressed in the dark while he slept. I had similar classroom routines as yours, as well.

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