SOL: Don’t Get Too Close!

Now that spring has finally started its slow reveal, we are enjoying more frequent walks with our two dogs, Reece and Dug. Being cockapoos, they are naturally inquisitive and while a bit skittish as first, they can be quite social as well.

Saturday after dinner we set out down our block for an evening stroll. Just as we approached a neighbor’s fenced yard, their little dog ran to the fence, barking aggressively. Reece, in her inquisitive, hi-do-you-want-to-be-my-friend sort of way, put her snout up to the small gap between the gate and the fence for a sniff.

It was just enough room – but not for a shared sniffing each other out, but instead enough for the other dog to grab hold of Reeces lip with all the power he had – and he had a mighty grip. None of the adults saw this coming, so it was with great panic that we finally managed to break poor Reece free from his clamped down jaws.

Bloodied and a bit in shock, we walked a little further to allow her to gather her wits about her, but we could see the blood starting to drip from her beard, so we turned around and headed for home.

Upon a tentative peek inside her upper lip we could see a pretty good sized gash. The bleeding seemed manageable, but since all she wanted to do was rub her sore mouth on the rug, the couch, and anything else soft, we knew we needed to intervene. I was very worried about infection, and since it was Saturday night, (isn’t it always the weekends when these things happen?) we decided to make the trip to the emergency vet hospital.

She checked out ok, but the vet affirmed our decision to bring her in, and she prescribed an antibiotic and anti-inflammatories for the pain.

An emergency visit on a weekend comes with a cost, but we will do whatever it takes to keep our dogs healthy. This expense was manageable fortunately, and I am greatly relieved we had the option of having a place like this to take her.

And I think Reece is happy too – twice a day she gets cheese and bread wrapped around her pills, which is a total treat. And we can’t leave Dug out of the treat giving ritual – he joyfully accepts his cheese and bread right alongside Reece!

2 thoughts on “SOL: Don’t Get Too Close!

  1. Alice Nine says:

    How frightening! … and it sounds like it could happen again… to another dog, or what about a child who might be inquisitive. I’m thankful everything has turned out okay. Gotta love the bribery to take the medicine.

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  2. margaretsmn says:

    I am still shocked by this story and thankful the injury wasn’t too bad. It’s so hard to see your dogs suffer. Hugs to Reece and an extra treat for Dug.

    Liked by 1 person

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