SOL: May Day Memories of Mom

Today is May Day. I have always loved May Day. I remember once as a young girl, secretly leaving May baskets at the doorstep of friends I knew. Ringing the bell and then quickly running away was so much fun! I remember watching the look on the recipients’ faces when they opened their door to discover an unexpected surprise.

May 1 is also my mother’s birthday. I don’t have the same feeling of anticipation for May Day like I used to though, now that she is gone. She passed away a little over two years ago, and the arrival of May still stings. This year is especially hard, as we prepare to watch yet another daughter graduate from high school. I am sad she isn’t here anymore to share in the joy of these milestones.

Maybe I should renew the May Day basket ritual of my youth today. What if, In her memory, I brought joy into someone else’s day to celebrate the arrival of May? Instead of a birthday cake and presents in her honor, perhaps this could be another way to remember her and spread a little kindness and love along the way.

Happy May Day!

8 thoughts on “SOL: May Day Memories of Mom

  1. margaretsmn says:

    May Day baskets are a great way to share the memory and love of your mother. That picture of the two of you is precious. You have a May Day surprise coming. I hope it arrives today!

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  2. haleyrsanborn says:

    Love the idea of celebrating May Day in her honor! I lost my mom 2 years ago also and that sting doesn’t seem to leave 💛


  3. I love your idea of honoring your mom’s memory with leaving a May Day basket surprise for someone! I haven’t thought of May Day baskets in years! My boys made them a long time ago (over 10 years) and left them on the door knobs of people in our neighborhood. It was a great project! I hope your idea brings some joy back into remembering your Mom’s May Day birthday!

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  4. Oh, Dani, this post is special. I send hugs for your feelings about May.

    At certain days – months I I have the same ache with my both my parents gone. It’s especially poignant, if I am with my big boisterous adopted family (in-laws) because fortunately their dad (96) & their mom (87) are still keeping on, with issues of course but still driving, living independently. They always say at reunions “How great that we’re all here.” I wish that were true….

    How sweet, the May basket tradition!


    • I completely relate to your feelings when you are with your in-laws…I still struggle when in the company of the parents of my friends or other relatives, and long for my mom to also be there. It isn’t something I anticipated when she first died. No one can prepare you for losing a parent, can they?


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