Spiritual Journey Thursday: Special Days

Today our Spiritual Journey Thursday is hosted by Violet Nesdoly, and our topic is special days that are celebrated in our families. My first reaction to this topic was one of uncertainty that I had a special family tradition to share around a holiday event, birthday celebrations, or a unique special day our family celebrates.

After a little more thought, I realized that in fact we do have a very special tradition that I have made a priority as a mother of four daughters. I started the tradition with our oldest daughter, and it continued on through each girl.

We call it “Women’s Day” and it is a celebration just for my daughter and me on the day when she gets her first period. This transition from childhood is one that I wanted to mark as a celebration, and not have it be perceived by my girls as something to be embarrassed about.

Our tradition was simple, but special. We went to lunch together, and then shopping for a special gift. As I recall, each of the girls chose a simple piece of jewelry they could wear to remember our day together celebrating this milestone in their life.

We kept it simple and low-key, not announcing it to everyone – although the younger sisters were aware, and I’m sure a little envious of their older sibling’s special date with mom. This, I am quite certain, left them waiting with expectancy for the day when they too would get to be celebrated in the same way.

My girls are all nearly grown and gone now, so reflecting back on these celebratory days with them brings a smile to my face, and a hope in my heart that they too will keep this special tradition alive in their families, should they too be blessed raising daughters.


8 thoughts on “Spiritual Journey Thursday: Special Days

  1. Alice Nine says:

    Oh, how special! I think it is important to celebrate in special ways the leaving of childhood. In our family we gather to pray together when one celebrates his/her 13th birthday. It is a time of recognition that he/she is no longer a child in our family.

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  2. margaretsmn says:

    I love that photo of the girls. I also love that tradition. I wish I had known you earlier and I could have adopted it from you like the May Day tradition.

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