Poetry Friday: Hello, Spring!

Poetry Friday round-up is with Brenda at Friendly Fairy Tales.

Back in  February I wrote a #PoetryFriday post on a bitterly cold and snowy Friday. We had recently watched several inches of snow fall, which meant there was a whole lot of snow removal that needed to be done. Winter felt like it was never going to end. February can be a long month in Montana, with many days of very cold temperatures, and often our heaviest snowfalls.

Fast forward just three months, and winter is a long departed memory from everyone’s minds. It was a long winter season, and it almost felt like we slipped from winter to spring in only a few day’s time. I took my kindergartners for a spring observation walk only a couple of weeks ago, and the buds on the trees were still tightly closed, but it took only a week of warmer temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s to encourage those buds to open up and reveal their beauty within. In February what looked like dead, skeleton-like trees have now transformed into budding green trees of beauty.

For my February post, I took a picture on a quiet block here in my neighborhood. Despite the cold that day, it actually was quite picturesque. Today on my way to school, I drove to the same spot and took a picture. The side-by-side comparisons are something to behold. I can see beauty in both images, but somehow my spring photo brings a warmth to my heart and joy to my spirit.

Welcome, at long last, Spring!

8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Hello, Spring!

  1. Alice Nine says:

    Your street looks so peaceful! You mentioned a side-by-side comparison of this photo with a winter one… I think you should do one of this scene in the four seasons. “sun-kissed blossoms” is perfect.

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  2. “Sun-kissed blossoms” is perfect, and I also love your use of the word canopy. It’s amazing how quickly spring arrived once the temperatures rose a bit (and that darned snow stopped falling!). I do cherish all the seasons and can’t wait to see your fall photo!

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