Poetry Friday: More Than Meets the Eye

Poetry Friday round-up is with Margaret at Reflections on the Teche

This week for Poetry Friday I am participating in a poetry photo exchange, arranged by this week’s host, Margaret @ Reflections on the Teche. She is calling it “More Than Meets the Eye.

Margaret has paired me with Christie @ Wondering and Wandering. Christie and I have exchanged photos with one another, and will write a poem to the photo we each received. These are photos that we have taken in the area where we live. I am from Montana, and Christie lives in Maine.

I love this unique and fun idea that Margaret thought of, and am excited to read the other exchanges in those who participated. Be sure to head over to Margaret’s post and click on the Inlinkz at the bottom of her post to read other poetry photo exchanges.

The photo I received from Christie is of Walden Pond, famously known by many thanks to poet Henry David Thoreau. She shared with me that the pond is not far from her home, and that she has recently been spending quite a bit of time there, exploring Thoreau’s “ordinary, yet extraordinary home-not-so-far-away-from-home through a different lens.”

I found the image haunting at first examination. Knowing the long-standing history this place represented, I began to imagine Thoreau there among the still trees, seeking to deepen his understanding of his life through the beauty of nature.

“I suppose that what in other men is religion is in me love of nature.”
                     -Henry David Thoreau Journal, October 1842

As I continued to spend time simply looking more closely at the photo, my eyes were always drawn to the moss covered trees (at least I think that it’s moss covering the trees; I am actually not entirely sure what it is). Regardless though, I found myself seeing it like a blanket, covering the trees as if to keep secrets left behind from Thoreau and others who walked these woods long before Christie did.

The reflections, the stories, and the wisdom of those sojourners lie in silence, full of mysteries unheard by the ear, but perhaps seen through our eyes? I would love to know what Christie has discovered during her quiet moments at Walden Pond.

I share with you my tanka, entitled Walden Pond:


13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: More Than Meets the Eye

  1. Alice Nine says:

    What a lovely photo Christie shared with you! I like how the word “mysteries” gives the peacefulness of the photo and of your tanka a bit of a twist just before it the last word “rest.”

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  2. margaretsmn says:

    This exercise of writing about a place helps us look deeper into the meaning of place. You have brought us to the mysteries of this peaceful place. Lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lindabaie says:

    I’ve spent time there, and with students once, too. It feels like an extraordinary place, and as you wrote, probably because of Thoreau. I love that you imagine secrets held by the trees. We might never know because they won’t speak to us, but it’s good to think of those “dormant mysteries”.

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  4. Sojourner’s stories….that’s lovely. I’ll bet that could be a title of a collection. It’s really fun traveling around the blogs today. I’ve been to so many interesting places! Thank you for a visit to Walden Pond.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Your tanka suits this photo and Walden Pond beautifully. Peaceful and serene. I love the idea of the moss blanketing trees and holding secrets and “sojourner’s stories.” You’ve reminded me that I need to read some Thoreau and visit Walden Pond–summer field trip!

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