Poetry Friday: Welcome, Kinders!

Poetry Friday round-up is with Carol at Beyond Literacy

Thank you to Carol @ Beyond Literacy for hosting our Poetry Friday gathering this week.

I am nearing the end of our first 4 days in kindergarten. I have 20 fresh new little faces who are ready for an exciting year of learning ahead for all of us. Not all 20 little learners were eager to make the brave walk into the building on the first day though. It is the spirit inside of those few timid souls who I compose today’s poem for.


I am happy to report though, that those who arrived at Day 1 of kindergarten with great anxiety and a few tears quickly transitioned into our classroom with eager anticipation and genuine enthusiasm for the adventure that awaits us all.

Here’s to another exciting journey ahead!

14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Welcome, Kinders!

  1. Love it Dani – especially those lines: ‘She takes my cold cheeks…and calms my fears’. I could feel the reassurance in those words, those actions. All the best for he new school year.


    • Making that eye-to-eye, right down at their level and speaking their name every morning as we greet one another is a priority for me. I want them to feel endeared to me, and know that I see them. Relationships are where everything begins. Thank you!


  2. I think your poem describes the experience so vividly. One of my neighbor’s grandchildren came over today to tell us that she (the big girl in Gr. 1) was chosen to give advice to the kinders. Her photo and tip (be kind) made it to the newspaper. I just love the little ones. I hope you have a group that will grow to love poetry and raise their voices with me for one of the season’s galleries, Dani.


    • I love that idea of having firsties give advice to the kinders! I might have to incorporate that in these early days. I have a few of my former students I know who would love to come in and share. Here’s to another great year ahead!


  3. Kay Mcgriff says:

    I hope you and your kinders have many adventures this year! It looks like they are in good hands that will soothe their fears and lead the way.


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