SOL: I Don’t Remember The Last Time I Was


I am my father’s daughter. Type A. Driven. Focused. Plate-spinner extraordinaire.

When I walk in the door at the end of my day, my mind is already thinking of what needs to be done next. Dinner prep? Empty the dishwasher? Perhaps finish something left undone at school; sift through a bulging e-mail inbox, research and/or prep for a lesson tomorrow? I don’t typically come home and sit down, but instead most often find myself on a trajectory of completing task after task until it is time to get ready for bed.

I can recall in my early 20s while working in the business world that my evenings were an open book. I left my work at the office (S-H-O-C-K-E-R!) and could do whatever I wanted when I got home each day. I didn’t have children back then, so for the most part, this down time centered around Must-See-TV until it was time for bed. I can actually say that honestly, I experienced boredom a lot in those days.

Fast forward 20 years, a husband, and four children later, my life today looks nothing like those years. The hectic demands of teaching don’t often allow me to leave work at work, and our home requires more of my attention than that tiny 800 square foot apartment ever did. But the person I am thrives in this place; I enjoy the fast pace and the multiple demands of my focus and energy.

But Christmas break is looming…. I am beginning to visualize myself in a more relaxed state of being. Our adult children won’t be home this year, so meal planning and house preparation will be nill, which thankfully, I welcome! I am making plans now for sleeping in, for slower paced days, for simple dinners, and for savoring a little more down time with nothing demanding my attention.

When was the last time you were bored?

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7 thoughts on “SOL: I Don’t Remember The Last Time I Was

  1. Check out Manous Zomorodi’s book, “Bored and Brilliiant.” Not the most apt title, but her book, based on her podcast Note to Self’s challenge a few years ago, is an argument in favor of “being bored,” i.e., letting yourself have time when you are not actively doing stuff and letting your mind wander, which turns out to be the time when people’s creativity and ideas come out of hiding. Her challenges for detaching from screens and distraction are what’s most worthwhile.

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  2. What a great topic for a reflective slice. I really like the sentence starter “I don’t remember the last time that I…” and am going to tuck it away to use in March during the challenge. I’m also intrigued by the book that Sonia mentioned. Enjoy your quiet holidays!

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  3. I loved this piece of writing! You’ve got such a strong and engaging voice as a writer. I also don’t remember the last time I was bored. Probably sometime in childhood? I always have projects and plans and books to read and cats to pet! I am not very task-oriented–sometimes I wish I were more of a type A so that I could get some things DONE. I’m more of a putterer–but never bored!


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