Poetry Friday: Grandma’s Blessing

Join us today with Tabatha @ The Opposite of Indifference

In my poetry practice, one area I am currently trying to understand better and play with with in my poems is the art of metaphor. Last week my friend Margaret told me about this set of metaphor dice that her students love to use when writing poetry using metaphors. I couldn’t point, click, and ship fast enough, and just two days later, they arrived.

The first couple of rolls yielded a very strange combination of words, but roll three was a gem. It was amazing how quickly an idea for my poem came together, and almost instantly I knew I had just the picture that perfectly depicts the story it tells.

There is nothing like a grandma’s love for her first grandbaby. I have been so privileged to walk alongside Margaret in her journey to finally holding this precious bundle of joy. Little Leo is truly the light of her life! And I am quite certain that all of you grandmas out there know just what I’m talking about!

11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Grandma’s Blessing

  1. maryleehahn says:

    What a gift for Margaret!

    Fun to see your metaphor dice poem–I, too, was inspired to go ahead and buy a set after reading Margaret’s post last week. Not sure how I’ll use them in the classroom…or maybe I’ll hoard their creative goodness all for my own poetry!


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