SOL 3/31: Confectionery Delights!

Today was fudge day! I have the perfect part-time job as fudge maker at a locally owned soda fountain/burger joint/candy shop here where I live. I started working part-time two summers ago to work alongside my two youngest daughters waiting tables. It was the perfect summer job…I could spend time with my girls, and stay just busy enough to still enjoy my summer, while making a little extra money to help cover summer expenses.

At the beginning of my second summer, I was asked to take over the job of fudge making. I was delighted! I love the opportunity it gives me to be as creative as I like with whatever flavors I want to create. Salted caramel, dark chocolate sea salt caramel, and my most favorite, tiger butter to name just a few.

You can’t mess up fudge either. Butter, water, the bags of prepared fudge mix, and that’s about it! The most challenging part is choosing what flavors to make each time! It’s fun bringing out fresh pans to the oohing and ahhing of customers sitting at the counter. You just can’t disappoint when you’ve got fresh fudge.

Three of today’s flavors are below: chocolate peanut butter explosion, raspberry/chocolate swirl, and loaded Snickers! Anyone want a sample?

14 thoughts on “SOL 3/31: Confectionery Delights!

  1. Snickers, please! We love hot fudge at our house. When we make marshmallow cream fudge (usually only at Christmas), the best part is the cup we eat before pouring it into the pan.


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