SOL 8/31: Poetry Friday IWD 2019

As always. Fridays = Poetry Friday. A chance for bloggers to come together and share their love of poetry with each other. Thank you to Catherine @ Reading to the Core for hosting our roundup today. Our theme is International Women’s Day.

As a mother of four daughters, today I celebrate my girls and compose a poem honoring who they are and speak words of anticipation and expectancy for the amazing women I know they are each destined to be.

Once silly, playful, joyful
full of wonder and questions.
Life was a playground,
a place to discover who you were.

You navigated treacherous waters
while charting your own course.
Your feet firmly planted in your
unique identity
passions and beliefs
hopes and dreams.

Life is before you
with countless adventures
full of uncertainty and challenge
excitement and celebration.

Embrace every moment.
Charge forward in strength.
Lean into the power you possess
draw from the well of courage
you have stored up along the way.

Nothing is outside your reach
nothing is beyond your ability.
Let the wondering spirit of your youth
be a buoyant force of support
through every step of your journey.

13 thoughts on “SOL 8/31: Poetry Friday IWD 2019

  1. Cheryl Reynolds says:

    I agree, a beautiful poem. I do not have any daughters, but was raised by parents to be a strong young girl, a strong young lady and a strong woman. I love that my parents gave me that gift. It is obvious you have done that for your girls. I am sure they are most grateful.

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  2. lindabaie says:

    Four daughters is quite wonderful, as is your poem for them. I love the idea of “leaning into the power”. It is great to use our own unique quality.

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  3. litcoachconnection says:

    Dani this is a beautiful poem reflecting on the past and looking to the future with encouragement and hope for your daughters. You have inspired me to write a poem for my son who will be a new father this year. Thanks for sharing!

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