SOL 10/31: Getaway!

Today my husband and I took a quick road trip to Spokane. The four hour drive from where we live is especially scenic. There is still plenty of snow in our neck of the woods, and we enjoyed the beauty of countless untouched spaces of snow on the rolling hills that bordered both sides of the highway. Marveling at how the sunshine made the snowflakes glitter on the surface of the snowy fields never got old. We both agreed what fun it would be to skin up those slopes on our AT skis and glide down in the deep snow!

Crossing the border into Idaho at the tippy top of Lookout Pass was stunning. The blue sky seemed especially brilliant with the snow-capped mountains standing tall in their own glory. As much as we are ready for spring to arrive, this beautiful snowy scene was breathtaking to behold.

Arriving in Spokane, we welcomed the just-slightly warmer temperatures than what we have been experiencing at home. Tomorrow we will actually feel 40 degrees – a heatwave!

We are here to see our favorite Christian worship leader, Chris Tomlin in concert tomorrow night. Until then, we will enjoy the simple pleasures of getting out of town: eating out, shopping, and maybe a soak in the hot tub!

What do you love most about getaways from home?

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