SOL 11/31: You’re Invited to my Happy Party!

We are in the double digits of the March Slice of Life Challenge! To begin my post today, I want to say a big thank you to the team at Two Writing Teachers for all of the time and effort it takes each March to organize and pull this month of writing off. You all have busy lives, and taking on this endeavor certainly adds a lot to your already full plates. I know I speak for every blogger participating when I say THANK YOU!

Today I am borrowing a fun idea from my friend & fellow kindergarten teacher, Christie Wyman. I love this opportunity to share in the happiness others are experiencing, and to share my own. Feel free to borrow Christie’s image below and share your current happiness with a link back to this original post, and/or leave a comment below.

Here are a few things that are making me especially happy today…

  • If you read my post yesterday, you know I am in Spokane for a 2-night getaway with my husband to see a favorite Christian worship leader, Chris Tomlin who is in concert tonight. Hotel life is the best!
  • Dinner out last night at a favorite restaurant: The Old Spaghetti Factory. What a treat! I relished every single bite.
  • Technology in my classroom is so my friend right now… Thanks to a new friend I made on Voxer, I have jumped into the deep end of Seesaw and Classkick with my students. Most of the 50 standards I need to assess for report cards have been done in one of these apps, which is going to make report card preparation much easier!
  • I’m taking this one from Christie’s Happy Party list – and thank you for posting it, because I didn’t know that Rami Malek won the best actor Oscar for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. Oh my goodness, I could write an entire post about my love for that movie. I’ve seen it three times and own the blue ray.
  • The Lenten season is upon us, and for the first time my husband and I are diving into learning about and more actively participating in this important season in the Church calendar. With the help of this daily devotional, we are growing more deeply in our faith together.
  • A day before me with NO agenda! Back to my Spokane getaway..this morning we woke up when we wanted to, ate breakfast, worked out, and are getting ready to meander around the downtown area and explore unique shops and sample food and drinks from any and every place that beckons.

6 thoughts on “SOL 11/31: You’re Invited to my Happy Party!

  1. danrfitch says:

    What a nice idea- a happy party! I read a post yesterday that was similar and think I need to get a little happy going for tomorrow- I hope you enjoy the time with your husband, I know that I treasure the moments with my wife.


  2. margaretsmn says:

    You are a happy party personified. What a great getaway for your anniversary, which I suppose you may be saving for another post. I know I had the whole week off last week, but I can’t help but be jealous about your free day today.


  3. Dani, posts like this (thanks Christie Wyman, too) are one of the reasons I love Slice of Life so much. A simple list of gratitude says so much about the writer, and inspires the reader. Thanks for inviting us to your Happy Party!

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