SOL 12/31: Zoom In…Zoom Out!

Yesterday my husband and I got to play the role of tourists as we meandered about downtown Spokane. It was fun exploring the city, walking the busy city streets, and popping in and out of unique shops. The sunshine felt glorious, and even though it was a brisk late winter day, it was apparent that spring is just around the corner!

Throughout our day, I snapped photos here and there of what we saw. I’ve zoomed in on a piece of each photo…can you guess what your eye is seeing?

Don’t worry, the answers are at the bottom of my post!

#1: Our morning started with a workout in the hotel gym. Here is the display of the treadmill I took a walk on:

#2: You probably recognize the spokes of a wheel. This was a painting in our hotel:

#3: As tourists, having a good map of the city was helpful for planning and for getting around. Google Maps helped in a pinch, but having this map ahead of time allowed us to see all of the spots we wanted to explore.

#4: Was this a dog or cat to you? As a dog loving family, this spoke to my heart!

#5: I’m curious what your eye sees at first glance… Shopping in a downtown mall, this life-size stiletto stopped me in my tracks.

#6: Certainly you see the bird, but you are likely not expecting the full photo. This is the logo for a sweet coffee shop we happened upon. Loved their celebration of the classic book To Kill a Mockingbird.

#7: The Spokane River winds its way through the city, culminating in the spectacular Spokane Falls where we rode the SkyRide. This gondola ride gave us a birds-eye view of these roaring falls as well as the neighboring Riverfront Park, home of the 1974 Word’s Fair.

#8: Back at Atticus, this eye-catching wall art display was a photo opportunity waiting to happen:

#9: Did you recognize this well-know character from our friend Mo Willems? A trip to the city must always include finding a great indie bookstore!

#10: The culmination of our day was attending Chris Tomlin’s Holy Roar Tour concert. What an amazing night of worship it was! His book shares a powerful message of the seven Biblical words God has given for how we can worship. Unforgettable night!

13 thoughts on “SOL 12/31: Zoom In…Zoom Out!

  1. Loved this! Especially the red stilletto heel, the spokes (which I thought were embroidery), and the falls (which I thought were cotton). I actually went to the 1974 Spokane World’s Fair and never dreamed that I would someday live in the Pacific NW.


  2. J Koval says:

    What a fun way to document the activities of your day….And such fun to make a guessing game out of it for your readers! 🙂 ~JudyK


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