SOL 13/31: Thorns In My Side

I know it’s getting old, all this talk of the weariness with winter and the longing for spring. Transitional periods always seem to have a few troublesome things that feel like they are lingering on just a little too long. As you say farewell to winter and greet spring with anticipation, what are you more than ready to see on its way out?

Here are some of mine….

Snowpants. I am so over the snow gear here in kindergarten! They are wet and gross, and I will not be rid of them soon enough.

All snow gear, for that matter. Missing hats, mittens without their mate, and stinky snow boots. Be gone, all of you! I am so longing to just go back to the simplicity of a jacket.

Ice scrapers. Yeah, this morning task has totally worn me down. And it never fails, on the mornings when I’m running behind, yup, you guessed it…. frost-covered windshield. For the record, that wiper fluid that says it melts ice – they’re liars.

Shoveling. We live on a corner lot. With an uncovered 2-car driveway. Need I say more? Over it.

Sweaters. Oh how I long for the first day of short sleeved shirts! I love me a cozy warm sweater, complete with a warm turtleneck and all its beauty, but by March it’s time to transition the wardrobe. Let’s bare those arms!!

Leggings. Sure my legs are bright white after their winter hibernation. Who even cares? I’m ready like yesterday to don a pair of capris and welcome warmer temperatures with gusto!

Wool Socks & Danskos. This one seems obvious. Can’t wait to dig out my sandals from the depths of the basement. This might need to include a pedicure, right?

Do any of the items on my list ring true for you too? What other annoyances did I forget? I know there are many – share one in the comments!


2 thoughts on “SOL 13/31: Thorns In My Side

  1. I struggle enough just to keep track of my 15 yr old son’s winter gear! I can’t imagine what kindergarten must look like!! I love winter, but I am feeling pretty over it by now too. What I’m really over is having to leave extra early to get to work because the roads are bad and I can’t drive the speed limit!


    • We have a solid week ahead of us full of much warmer, snow-melting temperatures! I plan to send home ALL snow gear next Friday, with spring break the following week. When they return in April I hope to only see an occasional rain boot.


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