SOL 21/31: Listen Boldly!

It is Day 2 of my daughter’s high school choir tour. Tonight we are attending the Seattle Symphony. Last year we were in Calgary for her tour and attended the symphony there. I remember collecting words and phrases from the program to craft a found poem, so tonight it seemed appropriate to repeat the tradition.

Listen boldly

Shostakovich Symphony No. 5

Johann Sebastian Bach

A musical legacy

Reimagined in our still-new century.

Shapely melodic phrases

Opening cascades

Brief, rapid motifs

A work of introspective loneliness

In the face of approaching death

Restrained and contemplative

A meditation on mortality.

Experience the magic

Of music.

SOL 20/31: Chaperone on Duty

Sharing space with

56 teenagers

on a charter bus.

3 hours to Spokane

dinner, hotel check-in, talent show!

Early morning departure

(thank you 1 hour time change!)

Local high school choral exchange

choral clinic at Gonzaga.

4 hours to Seattle

hotel check-in

date night preparation!

Guys escort their dates

Seattle Symphony bound.


free time to explore

Space Needle

Pikes Market

(Really really really good coffee,

I can smell you right now!)

St James Cathedral tour

sing The Glory of the Father

(a song I sang in choir 33 years ago!)

Tour Seattle Aquarium

dinner at The Crab Pot.


free time to meander

Seattle Center

visit MoPop or

Chihuly Glass Museum.

4 hours to Spokane

dinner at Boston Pizza

3 hours to home.

Last parent chaperone trip.

In 10 weeks she graduates.

Treasured memories!

SOL 18/31: It’s a Yes / It’s a No

Coffee … it’s a yes!
Tea…it’s a no.

Thin crust…it’s a yes!
Thick crust…it’s a no.

Coke…it’s a yes!
Pepsi…it’s a no.

Morning…it’s a maybe.
Night…it’s a no.

Dogs…it’s a yes.
Cats…it’s a no (allergies in the family)

Non-fiction…most of the time, it’s a yes.
Fiction…it’s a sometimes.

Typing…it’s a yes.
Writing by hand…it’s a no.

These are just a few of the yes’s and no’s in my little world. Share one or two of yours in the comments!

SOL 17/31: The House is all A-Buzz!

My husband and I raised four busy girls in our house. All but one are gone now, and our youngest will be graduating in May. Gradually the house has become quieter and quieter as each daughter left the nest. With their departures, however, we have gained two terrific sons-in-law, and one amazing grandson. What this means of course, is that when they come back to visit, our house comes alive again!

This weekend was one such occasion. There was a lot of coming and going as our oldest daughter, husband, and son came for a ski race our husbands were participating in (more about that in my post yesterday). We have a large kitchen with a roomy island where it seems everyone always gathers to chat, to tease, and to laugh together. This is when I’m the happiest. Often, I just stand aside and take it all in. A smile on my face, and great joy in my heart.

Before everyone left this morning we gathered for a self-serve breakfast and more banter, laughter, and silliness. There is always a lot of “Remember when mom _____?” or “Why did you always _____?” as we recall memories, both good and bad, always finding something to laugh about together.

I treasure every visit home with my kids. For those of you getting ready to begin emptying your nest, do not dismay! Better days are ahead.

SOL 16/31: Chutes & Ladders on a Mountain

Today my daughter and I spent the afternoon on the top of a local ski mountain cheering on our husbands as they completed an A.T. (All Terrain) ski race. This type of race involves an intense combination of skiing down, skinning up, (aka, climbing up) removing your skis and boot-packing up super steep terrain while sinking in super deep snow, and even traversing a ladder across an embankment. Completing this 5-mile course is not for the weak at heart. These two, and the other racers have incredible endurance to stay the course of this challenging race.

The unique design of this ski resort is that you drive your car essentially to the top of the mountain. When you arrive at most ski resorts, the chair lifts are right there ready to take you to the top of the mountain. Here, you are already at the top, so the first thing you do is ski down, and then ride back up.

This meant that my daughter and I were able to be on top of a mountain as we waited for our husbands to complete the race. Taking in the beautiful snowscape around us was breathtaking. The bright sun reflecting off the white snow was almost blinding, and wearing sunscreen would have been a smart thing to do.

Here is a glimpse of what we got to enjoy on this March afternoon. You can see my husband making his way up the final 200 yards of the race.

No better way to spend a day here in Montana!

SOL 15/31: Poetry Friday! Make Every Day Count

Today for Poetry Friday we are being hosted by Heidi @ My Juicy Little Universe. She has a great in-depth post all about a group of committed young people who are actively trying to raise awareness about global climate concerns. If you are interested in learning more, click here to read her post.

We have just one week of school ahead of us before spring break finally arrives. I’m not sure where the last four weeks have gone – it feels like President’s Day was yesterday! I’m not complaining of course, but just surprised how fast the time seems to have gone.

Once we return from spring break, the rest of the school year feels like it slips right through my fingers. We have much more learning ahead – National Poetry Month in April is coming! Last year I had such a wonderful time introducing poetry to my kindergartners. My group this year will dive right into this genre, I am sure. I may even have a few kiddos who could understand and attempt haikus.

Ten weeks
isn’t long.
So much ahead!
Tricky Teens
Butterflies and
Oviparous animals
to study.

We will not
count down days.
Instead we will


SOL 14/31: Spa Day!

This is the day our dogs positively dread. We try to talk it up with them, convincing them that they are going in for their “spa day,” but the moment we step in the door, they are clamoring to get right back out. The only consolation for today was they went together. I would like to think that having each other there made the torture treatment a little easier to endure.

In honor of Pi Day, I wrote my first Pi-ku! Following the syllable pattern as follows: 3.141592653

Enjoy the cuteness!