Poetry Friday: Room

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I recently joined a wonderful group called Teach Write. They have monthly Twitter chats focusing on developing our teacher-selves as writers. Just after the New Year I joined their Facebook group in hopes of developing a stronger commitment to writing daily.

One of the practices members can employ in their writing routine is called the Daily Writing Habit where we are given a single word to write about. While I haven’t tried this specific exercise yet, today’s word caught my eye, and I was inspired to try a simple poem around it.

The word is ROOM. Initially I thought of room in my life – more specifically margin, and the lack of room I so often feel I have in the margin of my life. That idea didn’t feel like the direction I wanted to go. Then I thought of my classROOM. I thought of the 19 boys and girls who I share that room with every school day. I thought of what that room looked like and felt like in August, and how it has evolved over the last 78 school days.

We have created a fun space, a warm space, a safe space. This room is ours, and we all know it and feel it. We have visited other classrooms, and you can see it on their faces and in the way they respond in another classroom; this is not familiar to me. I can visit, but I’m not going to stay. When they return to their room, they are home.

I am happy we are only just at the halfway point in our year. We have so far yet to go in learning and growing! This ROOM has so much more in store.

Poetry Friday: Haiku


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Where I live in northwest Montana, winter can feel like an eternity. Cloudy inversions can drop into our valley for days, sometimes even weeks on end before a cold clear day brings the glorious sunshine back, if even for only a day.

One way to cope with dreary Montana winters (short of denning-in like our native grizzlies) is to embrace our surroundings. For me, this meant a brisk hike with my pups in a nearby state park last weekend. While working our way up a favorite trail, it seemed I was seeing the forest through different eyes. Perhaps it was the stark white landscape that drew my eyes to see what I had passed by so many times last summer. Dead, decaying trees full of holes jumped out at me as if I had never seen them before.

I recalled past field trips with my students in Glacier National Park, where rangers taught us about the amazing biome of old-growth forests, and the importance of dying and decaying trees. On my hike, it seemed all my eyes found were these trees; homes to birds, squirrels, insects, and other winter resistors.

It has been a while since I attempted a poem, but I could feel inspiration bubbling up in me as I continued my hike. I haven’t tried a haiku, so with the continuing encouragement and mentoring from my good friend, Margaret Simon, I share this poem in celebration of and appreciation for old-growth forests.

Not what I once was,I appear hollow, lifeless.Look closely and see.I am valuable.A hunting perch for raptors,Colonized by an (4)

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Poetry Friday: Summer is Coming

Blogging is a new adventure for me. With the help & encouragement of my friend Margaret Simon I am connecting with other bloggers through blog link-ups. She is also introducing me to poetry, mentoring me as I attempt to better understand the art of poetry and dip my toes into the world of writing poetry.

I find myself looking through the world with different eyes lately. I think more deeply about my surroundings, stretching myself to see beyond what is in front of me. I have been hiking for the last several weeks at a nearby state park, and as the weather is warming up, at long last we are preparing for the summer months that are just around the corner.

These journeys outside are the inspiration for my first Poetry Friday poem:

Ode To Summer (2)

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