Spiritual Thursday: Lavender Moon

I am happy to once again participate in Spiritual Thursday. This month our host, Donna, at Mainely Write is hosting and posed our topic: the moon.

This beautiful quote speaks a message of hope to me, causing me to consider others who need hope right now. Perhaps they are fighting an illness out of their control, or wrestling to restore a broken relationship, or simply struggling to make it to the end of a challenging work week. Real people we interact with every day are carrying heavy burdens and need hope to sustain them.

I have walked through my own share of difficult seasons in my life, and felt hope waning. The thought of gazing up at a sliver of the moon, with the quiet and stillness of nature surrounding me, brings me to a place of peace and belief in the power of hope.

A scripture I have often turned to when hope feels far away is Hebrews 6:19 – “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast” is a powerful truth. I once heard a message in church where the pastor described hope as a rope, and how when we find ourselves in a place without hope, heaven has a rope attached to us. No matter how desperate things get or how hopeless we feel, he is holding on to us and continually pulling us toward heaven. We are anchored.

Vera’s quote reminds us: imagining a lavender moon or heaven’s rope around us – neither may be very useful. But sometimes they are enough.