#SOLC18 28/31: Tick-Tock Goes the Clock of Spring Break

A brief update from yesterday’s post:

I am happy to report that my Mr. Fix-It husband had very little trouble managing to get the not-quite-the-right-size-for-each-other poles to slide together, and from there we were a force to be reckoned with. In less than half an hour, our IKEA rolling cart was complete!

Now the decision of where it goes…. He has his ideas. I have mine. For now, we have negotiated a space in the mudroom until some place better makes itself known.

Meanwhile, I am sadly at the half-way point of spring break week. Sadder still, I don’t feel like I have even begun to check off all that I want to accomplish in these precious days at home. It is a challenge for me to stay focused and not get off task with mindless, pointless distractions: I think I’ll bake some _____; I probably should straighten out _____; This _____ has really been bugging me for a while..I should take care of it. The list of distractions is relentless, and at times I feel powerless against it!

If this is your spring break week, how are you spending the week? Is your to-do list dwindling, or are you, like me, fighting the demons of distractedness?

#SOLC18 27/31: Some Assembly Required

While in Portland earlier this month, we made the trek to IKEA. While I didn’t have a list of things I needed, I knew I would walk out with at least a few items that would be handy, decorative, or just plain fun.

My friend showed me a 3-tiered rolling cart that she already had two of in her house, and today they were marked down to a mere $25.00. I bit. Why not? I was certain I would find just the right place for this great organizational tool.

Today was unpack & assemble day.

It’s you and me, rolling cart…I can do this. I will not be intimidated.

Slowly, I unpacked all 21 metal pieces and small bag of nuts, bolts and screws. I found the Phillips screwdriver I would need, and I set in to conquer the project.

Step 1: (These are my words, as IKEA directions are strictly pictorial) Take the 4 long pole things, and slide smaller opening end of one tube into slightly larger opening end of another tube. Repeat.

Taking said tube in one hand, I proceed to slide the smaller opening into the other tube.

Like butter.

Taking the other two tubes in hand, I follow the same procedure.

Not butter. Not even close. Small opening definitely not fitting into slightly bigger opening. Not even close.

Just my luck.

Fingers crossed my husband has the remedy we need.

To be continued…

#SOLC18 26/31: Dear Spring Break

Dear Spring Break,

You officially started on Saturday, but I could not celebrate your arrival fully until today, my first actual weekday staying home. I am now looking squarely at the next 7 days, contemplating all that you might have for me.

Bring me later, more relaxed evenings with no pressure to be asleep by 9:30.

Bring me relaxed mornings, with at least one extra cup of coffee that I actually finish instead of pouring down the drain in haste on my way out the door.

Bring me time to make my winter-to-spring wardrobe transition, and the brave I need to weed out pieces from both seasons. If it doesn’t bring me true joy, it has to go.

Bring me time to prepare for my month of poetry instruction with my kinders. I am so eager to launch them into being poets!

Bring me opportunities to take hikes with the dogs.

Bring me a fun night of cooking Indian food and eating together with family and friends.

Bring me time with my daughters to shop, eat out, see a movie, or any other outing that calls.

Bring me a day to snowshoe with my husband. Spring on the mountain is glorious!

Bring me refreshment and restoration to my teacher soul to prepare me for the rapid close to this school year that will happen before my very eyes.

Are you on spring break? Is it around the corner, perhaps? What do you want spring break to bring you this year?

#SOLC18 25/31: Inspiration for the Journey

When I first started my blog, I felt very overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure how I would find time to write posts, and more importantly, what would I write about, and would anyone even care to read it?

During 2017, I was hit-and-miss with blogging. I found a few “link-ups” and enjoyed connecting with other bloggers, receiving warm and affirming comments on my posts. This January though, I decided 2018 was my year to take on the March Slice of Life Challenge – to write a post every day in March.

In order to get to a place where I would be willing take on this kind of challenge took more than my own commitment. Alone, I would have fizzled and failed before the start of week 2. I needed support and encouragement, both in the weeks leading up to March 1, and in each of the days that followed.

Yesterday new “slicers” were given a challenge: to nominate someone who has inspired us in our #SOLC18 journey. It took me about a nanosecond to think of who that person is, and I joyfully shared about the incredible impact she has had on me in my writing journey.

A few years ago, I reached out to a new member in a Voxer group I was in. Little did I know that those early chats back and forth would blossom into a wonderful friendship. A friendship of sharing teaching practices, encouraging each other through the struggles of teaching, and simply walking through life together. I wasn’t half the writer, poet, or blogger that she was, but with gentle encouragement and just the right amount of nudging, I slowly dipped my toe into the world of blogging. She never failed to comment on every one of my posts, and whenever I asked, she was a willing & helpful editor for other writing projects. It gives me great pleasure to nominate Margaret Simon as the most outstanding writing mentor and friend I know. I can say with certainty that without her, I would not have had the courage to join the Slice of Life Challenge, nor would I have felt the joy I have experienced through this month of writing. Thank you, Margaret!

Our annual reuniting weekend @ NCTE!

Who has encourage you this month? New or returning Slicer in this community, we all thrive on the inspiration & encouragement of others. Share the first person who comes to mind in the comments below.

#SOLC18 24/31: Celebrating: A Night at the Symphony

Tonight was Date Night, the final night on my 2 daughters’ choir tour. All of the kids were paired up, everyone dressed up, and we were off to a delicious Indian dinner followed by an evening at the Calgary Symphony.

The guest virtuoso was the incredible internationally known violinist, Phillipe Quint. He was the featured soloist for Brahms Violin Concerto in D Major. It was a stunning performance!

As I read the detailed description of the evening’s pieces in the symphony program, I began to see found poems emerge.

#SOLC18 23/31: Hello Spring! (at long last)

Today’s #PoetryFriday is hosted by Laura at Writing the World for Kids

Always the first sign of spring where I live is the appearance of tiny buds that will eventually be blossoming bleeding hearts in our garden beds. Some years they have started springing up in late February, but the past couple of winters have held on tight until nearly the last week of March.

For Poetry Friday and the Slice of Life Challenge, I enjoyed writing a poem to celebrate the warmer days ahead filled with chalk drawing on the sidewalks, blooming daffodils, and a fond farewell to snow pants, snow boots, and all the bulky winter gear!

#SOLC18 22/31: Reflective Wisdom with Amy Krouse Rosenthal

While packing to chaperone my 2 high school daughters’ choir tour this week, I knew I would have lots of reading and writing time on the long stretches of bus riding. One book I knew I wanted to bring was Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

I opened the book yesterday and after two sittings, sadly, I reached the end. Amy’s beautiful persona comes through on every single page. The unique interactive element of the book offers readers multiple opportunities to experience and even try out a number of her thought provoking reflections on life.

I was especially drawn to where Amy reveals the meaning of a Japanese term and shares her interpretation of it from her life.

Pronounced mo-noh noh ah-WAY-ray it means an awareness of the impermanence of all things, and a wistful, gentle sadness at their passing.

Borrowing from Amy’s interpretation, here is mine: